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Yuriy Reznik

InterDigital, Inc.
9710 Scranton Road
San Diego, CA, 92121

T. 858.210.4817
F. 858.658.0597

This is the online home page of Dr. Yuriy A. Reznik, a researcher, engineer, and technical expert in multimedia signal processing and data compression.

Yuriy Reznik is presently a Director at InterDigital, Inc. (San Diego, CA). Previously, in 2008 he was a Visiting Scholar at the Information Systems Laboratory at Stanford University. From 1998--2005 he was with RealNetworks, Inc. (Seattle, WA), where he was a Principal Engineer and co-developer of RealVideo and RealAudio algorithms. Since 2001 he was also involved in work of ITU-T SG16 and MPEG standards committees and made contributions to several multimedia coding and delivery standards, including ITU-T H.264 | MPEG-4 AVC, MPEG-4 ALS, ITU-T G.718, ITU-T H.265 | MPEG HEVC, and MPEG DASH.

Yuriy Reznik holds a PhD degree in Computer Science from Kiev University. He is a senior member of IEEE, senior member of SPIE, and a member of the ACM, and AES. He is a co-author of over 100 conference and journal papers, and co-inventor of over 100 (including 46 granted) US patents.